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Team ID first run GIGABYTE GA-MA785G-UD3H

Posted by octeamindonesia on August 5, 2009

AMD seems like to keep their trophy for all in one chipset category, after AMD 780G they strike again with the new IGP chipset called AMD 785G. This new IGP, using the on board graphic called Radeon HD4200, the difference compare to Radeon HD3200 are HD4200 support Microsoft DirectX 10.1, Unified Video Decorder (UVD) 2.0, Hardware Picture in Picture (PiP), Dynamic Contrast, High Quality Video Scalling, Accelerated Transcode and Fully Efficient PowerPlay.

GIGABYTE, one of AMD’s best partners release their new motherboard using this AMD 785G IGP, MA785G-UD3H. Normally, IGP chipset MB based on Micro ATX form factor, but GIGABYTE wants to make new impression with their new product. MA785G-UD3H using Full ATX form factor like normal discrete motherboard, including their new technology Ultra Durable 3 Classic consist of 2oz cooper PCB, all japanesse solid capacitor and of course DualBIOS.


MA785G-UD3H still using AM2+ socket, you can see it from the orange color of the cpu bracket, and still using DDR2 module with dual channel capability. But, as you all know, AM2+ motherboard compatible with the new socket from AMD, AM3.
GIGABYTE utilize 4+1 phase power design to make sure compatibilty with 140W AMD CPU, and of course more margin for overclocking.


Nice looking heatsink on the northbridge chipset. Remind me of the motorcycle block machine


MA785G-UD3H using the new Southbridge chipset from AMD, named SB710. This new SB chip, supporting ACC it will improve overclocking capability compare to old SB700.
You can see 6 ports of SATA II 3Gb/s with RAID capability, more than enough to expand your storage needs in the future. Below the SB heatsink, you can see 2 BIOS chips, this techology called DualBIOS, propietary technology from GIGABYTE to prevent BIOS malfuction from virus attacks, corrupt or improper BIOS flashing.


AMD 785G also support ATI Hybrid CrossfireX, you can use entry level ATI Radeon graphics such as HD4350, HD3450 to improve graphic performance up to 75%.

Last, you can see DVI-D, D-Sub and HDMI interface, all this interface connected to your monitor and remember, DVI-D and HDMI is sharing, you can choose only one interface, DVI-D or HDMI. The audio supporting 7.1 channel audio with SPDIF out interface powered by Realtek ALC889A.


Testing Equipment.

* Processor AMD Phenom II X2-550 Black Edition
* Motherboard GIGABYTE MA785G-UD3H F1 and F2B BIOS
* Memory Team Xtreem DDR2-1300 CL6 2GB Kit
* PSU GIGABYTE Odin Pro 550 Watt
* CPU cooled by AMD Stock Cooling

Benchmark Result

I know you will not expect standard benchmark result, that’s why i only show the overclocking result.
One thing interesting, the CPU Phenom II X2-550BE can unlock to 4 cores, CPU-Z recognize it as Phenom II X4 B50, you just go to the BIOS menu, in the MIT sub menu choose Advanced Clock Calibration sub menu, change the EC Firmware Selection to Hybrid mode and Advanced Clock Calibration to AUTO… and wuuuushhhh…. just like magic, now you have Phenom II X4 not X2 anymore (if you lucky enough of course)

3DMark 2005 with 1000 MHz on GPU clock (standard 500 MHz)


3DMark 2006 with 1000 MHz on GPU clock (standard 500 MHz)


Pretty amazing result !, is very easy to hit 1000 MHz on GPU (remember this is an IGP chipset) 5K on 3Dmark05 and 2.5K on 3DMark 2006. I managed to overclock the CPU to 3.5 GHz with 250 MHz bus speed without raising any voltage.

Super PI 8M @ DDR2-1333


GIGABYTE stated MA785G-UD3H can overclock memory up to DDR2-1333, and you can see the prove above.

Everest Memory Benchmark DDR2-1333


Overall, MA785G-UD3H performance is good, also a bunch of features like Firewire, 7.1 Audio with Dolby Theather support, incredible performance with HD4200 is more than enough to fullfill your need for all round multimedia PC. The overclocking capability is more than enough, consider this is a IGP chipset, and you can upgrade the graphic performance anytime if you need it with ATI Hybrid CrossfireX graphic cards.

Written and tested by Benny Lodewijk


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