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Lucky_n00b grabs GTX260 Multiple Card #1 WR 3DMark2005 and #2 3DMark2003 in Hwbot

Posted by octeamindonesia on August 2, 2009

Recently, the youngest member in Team ID, Alva Jonathan a.k.a Lucky_n00b manages to get GTX260 Multiple Card #1 WR for 3DMark2005 ,and also placed #2 for 3DMark2003 in Hwbot

Hwbot Links :
3DMark2005 #1
3DMark2003 #2

System Setup :

Component used :
– CPU : Intel Core i7 975 Extreme
– Mobo : MSI X58 Pro-E
– RAM : G.Skill PerfectStorm DDR3-2000 C9 6GB Kit
– VGA : 3x MSI GTX260 896MB
– PSU : Antec Quattro 850W + CoolerMaster RealPower 1000W
– CPU Cooling : m0b1us Dice/LN2 Pot v1.0 , with Dry Ice(-53C Idle)
– GPU Cooling : Stock


3 Responses to “Lucky_n00b grabs GTX260 Multiple Card #1 WR 3DMark2005 and #2 3DMark2003 in Hwbot”

  1. […] bisa nongol di world record nya benching tingkat internasional *edit : ternyata udah ada nih Lucky_n00b WR @ 3D Mark 2003 and 2005 selamat buat bro alva ya Are You Dare To Challenge […]

  2. jacky said

    whoa…. breaking world record

    nice job 🙂

  3. Willy AC said

    Stock cooling GTX260 memecahkan rekor, hebat. Management pendinginan yang efisien cukup dengan penambahan fan 12cm. Nice! Saya suka melihat vga bisa berlari sangat kencang dengan pendingin standar dalam konfigurasi multi-card.

    Salut pada pak Alva.
    (b ^_^)b

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